Thursday, October 21, 2010


Create your own pumpkins...why not?  Big, little, round, oblong, tall, short or your own thing.  It looks as though there's a typo in the supplies...a 1/4" strip of paper is really, really small for paper can use a strip up to 2" provided your creation isn't itty bitty. 

A couple of tips found in the Comments: crepe paper strips rather than torn paper strips (now that's thinking!); wall paper paste as the adhesive for the strips.  If you plan to paint the pumpkins (most likely), acrylic paint will act as a sealer.  Watered-down white glue (Elmers, Ross, etc.) also is a sealer; the glue can be tinted with paint, liquid water colors or reinkers.

Click TUTORIAL/TEMPLATES (above) and start your very own pumpkin patch.

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