Monday, August 16, 2010


The number picker-outer selected #73...Sue From Oregon (Sue Kment), so I hope she wants this edge punch and sends me her snail mail addy. If not...onward and upward!

I greatly appreciate the unselfish actions of Deb, Noreen, Terarla and Heaney in their offers to adopt this unwanted gadget...there's bound to be a star in Blogland for you.

At the rate things are going, I'm convinced this grand plan of mine was a super dud. Silly me, I'd have the number picker select a number, I'd send an e-mail, and the punch would be out the door...silly, silly me!


julie m said...

don't give up. there are a lot of us who check your site daily. if one of us wins, it will be that easy.
i enjoy your site. so many wonderful blogs to visit and projects to download. thank you for doing this.

Sue from Oregon said...

Thanks again glad you didnt give it away! i LOVE IT!!!