Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bet you haven't the faintest idea what Candy Collars are...I figured  that a punched paper flower surrounding a piece of candy could be called a Collar.  Even though these collars surround Valentine candy, I'm guessing they're equal opportunity.  Dig out your punches and start collaring candy...the bigger the piece of candy, the bigger the punch.


Mary O.K. said...

What a cool blog, Nancy! I learned some new concepts, found several projects, and sighed over the fact that I never learned to knit. Rats! Oh, well-- lots of other things to keep me busy.

Speaking of busy, how are you making out? I think of you and your family every time I check out GW or your blog. Hope you are taking good care of yourself, along with nurturing everyone else.
Best Wishes,

film dude said...

yes, definitely clever

Susan said...

Yours is one of the blogs I visit daily, to pick up ideas to share in my own art and projects. Thank you for offering what I consider one of the best art and craft blogs online.

Nancy Ward said...


We're hangig in there! Our hope is that Stanford will have some answers.

Thanks so much for your concern.


Nancy Ward said...


Now that's a compliment! I'm going to walk around with a smile on my face today (I'm guessing that smile will hang in there for more than today...).

Many thanks.